Siskin IM

Lightweight & powerful XMPP client for iPhone and iPad

About Siskin IM

Siskin IM by Tigase, Inc. is a lightweight and powerful XMPP client for iPhone and iPad.

It provides an easy way to talk and share moments with your friends

Dark or light?

Do you prefer you app to use darker colors? Or maybe you you prefer lighter colors?

Either way Siskin IM is for you. It has appearances which you can choose from and easily change them.

Picture may be worth a thousand words

Some pictures are so important that you want to share them with others. And you want to do that now, just after you took it!

With Siskin IM you can share photos with all your friends - hassle free!

Want to use a larger device?

With Siskin IM and synchronization of messages you can easily start conversation on iPhone and later on move to iPad to continue it using larger screen.

Siskin IM is prepared to use iPad screen efficiently making app easier to use.

Make a call

If you are tired of typing but you still want to chat, then just make a call or video call. With Siskin IM you may call your contact and better express yourself!


Do you want to keep your conversions private? You can do so by enabling OMEMO end-to-end encryption!